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From Cuba with Love

Watch as Cuban artist Rolando Diaz creates a masterpiece whilst being moved by the live music of classical guitarist Gerardo Capdevila.  Witness a dance of sound and color as true creativity gives birth to an original fine art painting that one lucky bidder will take home.

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December 8th Performance Lectures (Times TBD)
12:00 PM12:00

December 8th Performance Lectures (Times TBD)

Dr. Lisa Cheryl Thomas

Dr. Thomas will demonstrate the original tribal melody that was used as compositional material by the composers, as well as some artwork that goes hand in hand with each piece. She will also tell the cultural background significance of the original melody and when and how it was sung.

Locations: Apache Mescalero and Ruidoso Schools 

Admission: Free

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Dr. Lisa Cheryl Thomas – Piano Recital
3:00 PM15:00

Dr. Lisa Cheryl Thomas – Piano Recital

Dr. Lisa Cheryl Thomas – Piano Recital

Dr. Thomas will perform Indianist and Classical Native pieces by several composers: Loomis, Skilton, Farwell, Ballard, Busoni, and Delisgidv.

Location: Mescalero School Auditorium

Admission: Free

Program for Ruidoso December 2014

Indianist and Classical Native


Harvey Worthington Loomis (1865-1930)

The Thunder God and the Rainbow   Op. 76, No.12                    

The Silent Conqueror Op.76, No.4                                 

Prayer to Wakonda    Op.76, No.6                           


Charles Sanford Skilton (1868-1941)

Kickapoo Social Dance (1919)  

Indian Sketches for Piano No. 1         

Sioux Flute Serenade  (1919)                                                                                    

Indian Sketches for Piano No.2 



Arthur Farwell  (1872-1952)

Dawn  Op. 12 (1902)   

Wa-Wan Ceremony of the Omahas – Raising the Pipes

Pawnee Horses   



Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924)

Indianisches Tagebuch, Erstes Buch    (1915)      

Vier Klavierstudien über Motive der Rothaute Amerikas

            1. from a Hopi melody, Katzina Rain Dance 

             2. from a Cheyenne Song of Victory      

             3. from a Pima Bluebird song                  

             4.  from a Passamaquoddy Wedding Dance song



Louis Wayne Ballard (1931-2007)

Four American Indian Piano Preludes  

              1. Ombaska (Daylight)    

              2. Tabideh (The Hunt)     

              3.  Nikatoheh (Love Song)                

              4.  To;Kah’Ni  (Warrior Dance)  



Delisgidv  b.1955

From “Nunna dual Tsuny” Suite (The Trail Where They Cried) (1994) 

      Ehena adageyudi  (Love Call) (1994)  

      Alihelisdi diniyotli   (Happy Children) (2010) 

      Tsagi tsagi hiwilahi hiwilahi  (Cherokee Lullaby)(1998)

      Deganogista Talutsa  (Woven Music) (2009)                                      

      Tsugasasdi gawonisga  (Smoke Signals – “Smoke Talking”) (2014)  

      Dudov nanah ama ale gadusi  (The Name on Your Waters) (1997) 


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