Mountain Entertainment Group for the Arts is happy and excited to announce our “2014 Winter Music Festival” which will be held December 5 through December 13, 2014 in multiple locations in and around Ruidoso, NM. The festival features two classical pianists: Dr. Lisa Cheryl Thomas and Sean Chen and a master guitarist: Hector Garcia.  

Our Mission

MEGA “Mountain Entertainment Group for the Arts”  mission is to:

  • Expand the Festival to include other types of music and performing arts: Native American, Traditional, Bluegrass, Jazz, Country, Blues, Folk, Dance, etc. while at the same time continuing the “classical” music offerings of the Festival.
  • Expand the current one-day Festival into a multi-day affair held 2-4 times during the year, mostly scheduling festivals in the “off” seasons.
  • Increase and refresh the Festival audience and give out-of-towners an additional good reason to visit Lincoln County in the “off” seasons.
  • Develop a wider and more broad-based local audience and encourage surrounding communities to support and be involved in promoting and staging neighborhood musical activities. 
  • Hold performances in a variety of Lincoln County locations and venues with lower—and sometimes free—ticket prices.
  • Build operating reserves through grants, private contributions, and other funding mechanisms to enable more free future festivals and festival events to be held throughout Lincoln County.
  • Collaborate with and support other performing arts groups and associations in our neighboring towns and communities.
  • Build lasting cooperative relationships with our neighbors and be active supporters of worthwhile performance arts organizations in Lincoln County and surrounding areas.

We all look forward to presenting the type of music and performing arts that YOU want to see, hear, experience, and support.